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Each WISDOM BOOK includes:

26 Character Building Stories
26 Memory Verse Helps
Written Lyrics to 6 Choruses (that teach character qualities above)

It is all reproducible.

Each CD of CHORUSES includes music to match the lyrics you get in the corresponding Wisdom Book.

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The Fourth Year of WiseGuys begins, again, with WISDOM.  Seeking God’s wisdom is the foundation of the WiseGuys program.  We will continure with promises that are in the Bible for those who 'listen to and obey' God’s Word.  They are abundant.  We are reminded that Wisdom is more precious than gold, silver or any precious stone.  Wisdom is more precious than anything that our heart desires.  Remember Wisdom and Understanding are friends.  When we obey ~ we understand ~ when we understand ~ God’s wisdom enters into our heart and mind.  We see things eternal ~ we see things the way that God sees them.  That’s the goal of our WiseGuys program.  We are reminded that we are eternal beings ~ a hundred years from now, we will be alive ~ either in Heaven or Hell.  We want to see every boy and girl, who comes to WiseGuys, in Heaven!! 

Wisdom is: "Hearing and Obeying God's Word"

This month we are reminded HOW we are to listen to God’s Word.  We are to listen with BOTH EARS.  Why is listening so important?  Well, this month we will find out why.  In the Bible we’re told, over and over,  to HEAR what God says.  Why are we to 'hear'?  This month we will find out. 

Attentiveness is "Listening carefully with BOTH ears"

What does the Bible say about sharing?  Does God care about our heart attitude toward ‘things’?  Who gives us everything we have?  Is it God?  When we share what we have, it’s called being generous.  Being generous pleases God.  This month the boys and girls are encouraged to have a ‘sharing’ not 'selfish' heart

Generosity is: "Freely sharing the things that God has given me"


Real contentment comes from God, not from the things we possess.  There is a peace in knowing that Jesus knows everything that I need and He can supply at any time He chooses.  That’s true contentment.   If He doesn’t supply, He’s teaching us to trust Him no matter what happens.  This month the boys and girls will find out what the Bible says about contentment. 

Contentment is: “Knowing Jesus knows what I need”

Does it matter to God if we are dependable?  Does it matter if we are faithful? We demonstrate our faithfulness by being dependable.    Can God count on us to do what we say?  This month we will find out that there are promises in the Bible for the faithful person.  There is a crown in Heaven awaiting the faithful man, boy or girl. 

Faithfulness is: "Being dependable"