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Each WISDOM BOOK includes:

26 Character Building Stories
26 Memory Verse Helps
Written Lyrics to 6 Choruses (that teach character qualities above)

It is all reproducible.

Each CD of CHORUSES includes music to match the lyrics you get in the corresponding Wisdom Book.

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“Hearing and Obeying God’s Word” is the foundation of the WG program.  God has many promises to those who ‘listen to and obey’ His Word.  We find out that length of days, long life and peace are promised to the person who obeys God’s Word.  How much do we have to pay for peace?  Can we buy it?  But God promises peace to the person who does not forget His law and who obeys His Word!! 

Wisdom is:  “Hearing and Obeying God’s Word”

This month we find out that Faith is “Believing that God will do what He says!”.   It is the goal of the WiseGuys program that every boy and girl who attends will one day be in Heaven.  This month we learn some important truths about Heaven.  When we become one of God’s children, He begins to prepare a place for us in Heaven.  Do we really believe that?  Do we really believe that God will do what He says?  This is an important truth that needs to be taught over and over again to our boys and girls.  We CAN believe God. He cannot lie.  He WILL do what He says.

Self Control
What is self-control?  Is it important?  What does the Bible tell us about controlling what we ‘say and do’?  What happens when we don’t control our tongue?  Well, Proverbs has lots to say about controlling our words.  This is an important truth that needs to be taught to our boys and girls. 

Self Control is “Controlling what I Say and Do

Respect is “Honoring Others.”  What does the Bible say about showing respect to those who are worthy?  How do I show respect?   Do I show respect by my actions?  How about my attitude?  All of these are discussed during the month we study RESPECT.  The first person/persons that God wants us to respect are our parents.  What is the promise given to us by God, Himself, about honoring our parents?  Do we believe that God will do what He says?  What happens when we don’t show respect?  All of these will be discussed as we memorize scriptures about Respect.

Humility is “Letting YOU go first”.  This month we encourage the boys and girls to ‘let others go first’.  That is hard to do.  Everyone wants to be first - no one wants to be last.  But God has several things to say about humility.  We will discuss what humility is for a child AND we will discuss the dangers of being full of pride.  Pride is the opposite of humility.  The proud person always wants to be first.  This will end the second year of the WG Program.  The character qualities studied during the Third year are:  Wisdom, Understanding, Fear of the Lord, Persistence and Gratefulness.