Q.  Do I have everything that I need in the notebook ?

A.  Yes.  Each notebook contains 26 weeks of material and has everything that the teacher needs for one, complete WiseGuy year. 

Q.  Do I have permission to copy the material in the notebook ?

A.  Yes, including the chorus CD.

Q.  What about shirts?

A.  We let each church order their shirts from local businesses.  We do not have a WiseGuy logo;  each church designs their own.   We use the ‘wise owl' with a halo over his head; our church's name and WISEGUYS surround the owl.

Q.  What age group is best suited for WiseGuys?

A.   We began with ages 5 through 10.  That's the perfect age group for the scripture memory program.  The Lil‘ WiseGuy class was started because of the many who requested the class.   However, they only memorize one verse a month.

Q.  Do you have a point system?

A.  Yes, the children receive a point for attendance, a point for saying their verse and a point for wearing their WG shirt.  The children receive a reward at the closing  ceremony according to the points earned.   Our children earn trophies, the size dependent on their points.

Q.  Do you have other activities to compliment the memory program.

A.  You really do not need other activities if you keep the focus on scripture memory.  The schedule for the classroom activities are listed in the notebook.  However, I want to emphasize that the main focus is quoting last week's verse and memorizing the new verse.  We teach the children that they ‘memorize, forget; memorize, forget; memorize, KEEP.'

Q.  What about the character building story?

A.  The character building story centers around Tommy; his life and the opportunities that he is given to obey the verse that he has memorized.

Q.  What about classroom activities?     

A.  Review last weeks verse.  Quote the verse several times as a group to refresh their memory; then allow each child to quote the verse and receive their point.  Frequently remind them the importance of putting God's thoughts into THEIR mind and that it is more important than "silver or gold or precious stone" according to Proverbs 3:14 & 15.              

 ...Discuss what is going on in Tommy's life.  Review the Tommy character building story and read this week adventure.     

...Memorize the new verse.  Use any scripture memory method to help the children retain the verse.  The one that I use most frequently is writing the verse on a dry eraser board and erasing one or two words at a time.  The more they quote the verse the deeper into their memory.     

...Pass out their take home papers and allow the children to color, etc. and fellowship with their WiseGuy teammates. 

Q.  How much time should be allowed for the WiseGuys program?     

A.  WiseGuys is designed to last for one hour.  The assembly and classroom activities can all be completed in one hour.  Our program is on Wednesday night from 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.

Q. How about Home Schoolers? Would WiseGuys work well in that situation?

A. That would be a very good situation in which to use the WG program, especially if you include scripture memory in schooling your children.

Q. Our church has small groups on Sunday night and Wednesday night. How can we use the program?

A. You have permission to copy everything that is in the notebook, so you could make as many copies as needed. The children could meet separately, memorize their verses, hear the Tommy story, learn the character quality, etc. Then the children would be involved in the learning process - like Mom and Dad.

Q.  How flexible is the WiseGuys program schedule?

A.  The WiseGuys program is designed to cover 26 weeks. However, it is very flexible and adapts to any church calendar. For instance, our church always dismisses WGs for our Mission's Conference and Bible Conference.

We start our program the first week of Sept. and cover two character qualities in the Fall. December is usually a very busy month for everyone, so that month is mostly review and Christmas party.

From January - May we cover three character qualites. We review for at least one week in April and have our awards ceremony and program the first Sunday in May.

All of the WiseGuys quote the scripture verses in unison for the award ceremony. This has proven to be the most successful for the children. It gives confidence to the slower learners. The children quote the character quality and definition; quote the corresponding verses and sing the chorus. The award ceremony is the highlight of the WiseGuy year.


Bettye Ledbetter