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FEAR of the LORD

Each WISDOM BOOK includes:

26 Character Building Stories
26 Memory Verse Helps
Written Lyrics to 6 Choruses (that teach character qualities above)

It is all reproducible.

Each CD of CHORUSES includes music to match the lyrics you get in the corresponding Wisdom Book.

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We begin year three of WiseGuys with more promises regarding Wisdom.  Remember, “Hearing and Obeying God’s Word” is the foundation of the WiseGuys program.  God has many promises to those who ‘listen to and obey’ His Word.  We will find out that durable riches are promised to the person who obeys God’s Word.  Durable riches are those that will last for all eternity.  That’s the kind of riches we receive when we listen to God.  That’s exciting!! 

Wisdom is:  “Hearing and Obeying God’s Word”

This month we find out that “Understanding comes when I obey!”  Wisdom and Understanding are friends.  They go together.  When Jesus tells us to do something and we obey - WOW - something happens - we UNDERSTAND!!  The more we obey - the more we understand.  Isn’t that the most exciting thing you’ve ever heard?  We also find out that the person who has understanding (who obey’s) has an excellent spirit.  That person is teachable.  Let’s be teachable, boys and girls.  Remember;

Understanding comes when I obey

The Fear of the Lord
Do you know that Jesus sees everything that we do?  If we know that He sees
everything,  should that make a difference in what we do and where we go and what we say?  Remember the verse “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”?  Knowing Jesus sees what we do will make a difference in our lifestyle.  That’s the beginning of Wisdom. 

The Fear of the Lord is: “Knowing Jesus Sees Everything That I Do!”
This month the boys and girls learn about Persistence.  Persistence is: “Having the Courage to try ONE more time.”  Did you know that some people quit right before they could be victorious?  That’s right.  If  they had tried ONE more time - they would have been successful.  Jesus does not want us to quit, boys and girls.  Don’t ever give up on the Christian Life.  Try ONE more time and you can win!!

This month the boys and girls learn that it is important to have a ‘grateful spirit’.  The source of ingratitude is Pride!  Oh! Me!  We don’t want the consequences that pride brings into our lives.  We must learn to say ‘Thank you’.  Thank you to God, to Mom and Dad, to our friends, to our brothers and sisters. 

Gratefulness is:  “Saying ‘Thank you’ to God and others”