The WISEGUYS program is an exciting and focused scripture memory program for children, churches, homeschoolers, small groups & families.  The visualized verses, musical chorus and character building story are all centered around the character quality and definition for the month.

Example:  Courage is ‘Saying NO when the crowd says yes.’

  • The children memorize 4 Bible verses for each theme.  On the 5th week, the children quote all 4 verses.  We call this Celebration Week and they are rewarded for their hard work.
  • Our Character Building Story centers around a young boy named Tommy.  Tommy has a heart for God and desires to please Him in his daily life.
  • Each week Tommy is given an opportunity to put into practice the lesson that is taught and the scripture he has memorized.  This a very important part of the WiseGuys program because it teaches the children that God's word is to be put into practice, or obeyed, in their lives.
  • The short, lively chorus is easy to learn and gives the children something to sing about.  It has been brought to my attention that we memorize with one side of our brain, and we sing with the other side.   Each month the children's minds are saturated with the word they have memorized and reinforced with the song they sing.

The children have two take-home papers every week.  The first sheet has the picture that is related to the verse, and the character quality/definition; the memory verse and the words to the musical chorus.  On the second sheet the scripture verse is visualized for the children.

We started WiseGuys a few years ago and it has been a huge blessing to our kids and church. The workers are as excited about it as the kids.  Two of our 1st graders asked Jesus into their heart and are getting baptized.  I can't say enough great things about the program or recommend it highly enough. 

Di Butcher, Pastor's Wife
Freeway Baptist Church, Houston, TX
The WiseGuys program fits wonderfully for a small church to use since it does not require  many "workers" or space.  Michelle uses WiseGuys Dollars to encourage the children to wear their t-shirts, bring their Bibles, learn their verses, and bring friends. Read More...

WiseGuys has been such a blessing to our children and our church.  We started 4 years ago with 12 kids, and last Wednesday, we kicked off the new year with 48! Our children have really grown in the Lord, and they are so eager to be in church every Wednesday. Read More...

WiseGuys is a wonderful scripture memory program for our church.  This is our sixth year, and we are seeing results from this program.  We have teens in our church who were in the program and now they are working and serving in our church. Read More...
WiseGuys has made a big difference in our church. We are currently in our 7th month of the program. Our Wednesday night attendance has almost tripled in size with some new parents attending while their children are in WiseGuys. And we've had to recruit more workers and have seen several saved during the year. Read More....
WiseGuys is a super program for Scripture memorization for children. The Lord has used her program to teach our children through the years. Thank you, Ms. Bettye, for the WISEGUYS Program. Read More...